Bulldog Truck Insurance agents can help you get the motor truck cargo insurance you need, no matter what type of freight or regulated materials you’re hauling. There’s lots of variety when it comes to cargo insurance because freight that commercial trucks carry can vary from dry goods to hazardous materials. Bulldog agents are licensed in states throughout the U.S. and are experts when it comes to state and federal regulations on controlled freight. Our agents can help you get the cargo insurance you need to run your business and help you reduce your rates by optimizing coverage levels.

Cargo Insurance Coverage
Cargo insurance isn’t always required by law, depending on the capacity your business is running. But most customers in the shipping industry will demand it, even for general freight or dry goods. More specialized cargo insurance exists for fragile or perishable cargo such as that transported by reefer (refrigerated trailers) or hazardous materials (hazmat) like toxic or explosive gas and liquids. Minimum coverage amounts for these types of cargo is typically mandated by state or federal regulations.

Bulldog Can Help Lower Your Cargo Insurance Rates
Cargo insurance rates can fluctuate pretty dramatically based on the material your hauling, how it changes hands and what state you’re business is operating in. Common motor truck cargo insurance for hauling dry goods and general freight might only need policies up to a 10,000 limit or so. Hazardous Materials insurance could require coverage amounts into the millions by law.

Get a Fast, Easy Cargo Insurance Quote
The best way to optimize your cargo insurance premiums is to have one of our agents determine what your minimum legal limit is in your state. After that, you can determine how much additional coverage will satisfy your customers, as well as if you want to add additional coverage to protect your own assets. Furthermore, bundling policies can help you save on cargo insurance premiums. Typically those who need cargo coverage also have a need for trailer & interchange insurance, vehicle coverage and possibly even additional policies for their business. Fill out our easy insurance quote form to initiate contact with one of our agents and start saving on your cargo and trucking insurance today.

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