Produce hauler insurance is a specific type of commercial truck insurance designed to cover the needs of vehicles that regularly work in the produce shipping industry. Produce and food haulers benefit from this blend of commercial trucking insurance policies in order to protect both their perishable cargo and the refrigeration equipment needed to transport it.

Because equipment failure frequently means cargo spoilage, protection for both assets is vital to avoid shortening our nation’s food supply and the trucking companies associated with it. For a full list of the freight insurance options we offer trucking companies, please visit our main cargo insurance page.

Other Policies to Purchase with Produce Insurance
Physical damage insurance clauses are often important to include with produce haulers insurance and other specialty insurance coverage. Physical damage truck insurance policies will protect produce haulers from damages to their vehicles that could result in costly repairs, regardless of fault or whether or not the other driver involved carries insurance.

Comprehensive truck insurance policies are also recommended in order to protect against incidents like fire, theft or vandalism.

Who Needs Produce Insurance?
Any motor carrier that has refrigerated trucks operating under their authority or typically transports foodstuffs can benefit from produce insurance. Independent or private truckers who own refrigerated trucks for this application are also could also benefit from produce haulers insurance assuming they are not always protected by their contracted employer’s commercial truck insurance.

Specialty Insurance
Produce haulers insurance is essentially a specialty insurance blend of primary trucking liability insurance, trailer insurance and cargo insurance that cover amounts that are commonly selected by produce haulers to fit their business. Since produce haulers are frequently relying on refrigerated trucks and carrying fragile cargo, good produce haulers insurance contains provisions to protect these commercial trucks against their industry-specific perils.

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