Physical damage insurance is crucial to include when choosing your truck insurance policies. Though the law typically only requires trucking liability insurance, physical damage is important to assure that you maintain peace of mind in the event your own vehicle gets damaged. Physical damage insurance is almost always available to any trucking insurance policy and is essential in order to protect your own equipment and business—physical damage insurance policies are designed to cover your own vehicle, not just damage to others.

What Physical Damage Covers and Doesn't Cover
When choosing commercial trucking insurance, you have to remember that not all accidents occur on the road. Fire, theft, vandalism and other disasters present a very real danger as well. In order to protect against such occurrences, physical damage coverage or comprehensive coverage may insure you against unexpected events like these.

Despite being the best available truck insurance, physical damage plans do not typically pay out for damage done to cargo or trailers. These are not usually owned by the truckers and are covered under different forms of commercial trucking insurance from owning parties.

Additional Policies to Consider with Physical Damage
Physical damage is beneficial to any trucking insurance, even though the law only requires primary trucking liability insurance. In order to be completely covered, trailer insurance and cargo insurance are also available. Independents may want to carry bobtail insurance with physical damage, as they may be included in their contract employer’s primary trucking liability insurance while on contract.

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