Occupational accident insurance is available through Bulldog Truck Insurance for motor carriers or trucking companies that need insurance for employees. While most Bulldog Truck Insurance customers are searching for insurance for trucks, cargo or trailers, we also offer a variety of commercial truck insurance policies for businesses. One such type of insurance is occupational accident insurance. For a full line of insurance options we offer for motor carriers or fleets, please visit our main motor carrier insurance page.

Occupational Accident Coverage
Occupational accident coverage is a common policy in the commercial trucking industry that’s designed for independent owner operators or contract truck drivers leased to larger motor carriers. It is not a substitute or even an alternative to workers compensation insurance, since almost every State mandates workers compensation and regulates its purchase.

Occupational accident coverage, however, is a policy that’s designed with a similar scope and the same intent as workers compensation.

What Occupational Accident Insurance Covers
Occupational accident insurance covers typical illnesses or injuries that may be associated with normal operations in the commercial trucking industry. It also can protect contractors and policyholders against liability in the case of litigation that may ensue based on injury or illness that stems from the workplace.

Independent contractors are often not required by State law to possess workers compensation policies, but many motor carriers are allowed to require they purchase it at their own expense before leasing with the company. Occupational accident insurance can be a less expensive alternative for drivers who aren’t interested in fronting the expense for workers compensation.

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