Moving truck insurance is a specialty insurance policy offered by Bulldog Truck Insurance.

Moving trucks, or “household goods haulers,” need specialized commercial truck insurance in order to operate. Not only are they legally allowed to operate in non-semi truck friendly residential neighborhoods fraught with stealthy parked cars and sneaky shrubbery, they also frequently haul goods and furniture with high monetary and sentimental value; more coverage in the event of harm will be important in keeping yourself protected and your customers happy. Moving truck insurance does just that.

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Household Goods Insurance
Household goods insurance covers damage to cargo, other vehicles, and property. A good policy should take into account both the monetary and sentimental value of possible freight, such as custom furniture or priceless family photos. Such cargo is difficult to value, but moving trucks have additional challenges as well.

Other Policies to Purchase with Moving Truck Insurance
While household goods insurance tends to start with primary liability coverage, it’s often a good idea to be sure physical damage, comprehensive coverage and cargo insurance provisions are woven into your policy. Physical damage policies protect your vehicle from accidents. Comprehensive truck insurance will do so as well, and additionally cover damages due to loss, theft or vandalism. Cargo insurance provisions can cover your customers’ goods.

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