Hazardous materials insurance is necessary provision for trucks that haul dangerous cargo. Hazardous materials insurance is usually required by law in various amounts depending on the cargo. When selecting the ideal commercial trucking insurance, it is important to understand the regulations and legislation regarding particular cargo. In order to transport common dry goods, which are safe and don’t risk spoilage, combustion or toxicity, general freight insurance is usually ideal coverage.

Hazmat Cargo Haulers
But some potentially dangerous freight, termed “hazardous materials,” has additional restrictions on how it can be transported, as well as the type of policy used to insure it. These types of cargo are highly regulated by state and federal laws for public safety. As a result, commercial trucking insurance related to this type of freight is often mandated by law to provide coverage amounts that exceed $1 million, (imagine the potential cost of damages of a fuel tanker exploding on a busy highway.)

Additional Coverage
Talk to an agent for more information about your state laws and regulated coverage amounts. Remember when picking commercial trucking insurance that the minimally required primary liability plans do not include cargo insurance or trailer insurance. Make sure you have the necessary coverage to safely insure your livelihood or business in all facets.

In addition to hazardous materials insurance and general freight cargo insurance, you can also purchase other types of cargo insurance for specialty vehicles. Produce insurance, for example, is designed for those who mainly transport produce and want to insure against it spoiling or going bad. Moving truck insurance is designed for household goods haulers operating in residential areas.

Hazardous Materials Haulers
Because of this, the government requires hazardous materials haulers insurance for any truck that is carrying a cargo considered to be unsafe and that increases the chance of harm if an accident were to occur. Examples include fuel, poisonous chemicals, combustible gasses, fertilizers and any other compound that’s transport is regulated by legislation.

When deciding what type of trucking insurance coverage you need, make sure to check the laws in your area with regards to the cargo you expect to transport—find out if you need hazardous materials haulers insurance in addition to basic truck insurance. Our certified agents can oftentimes assist you in determining this for all states we’re licensed to provide commercial truck insurance in. For a complete list of freight we insure, please visit our main cargo insurance page.

Talk to an agent to learn if there is specialty truck insurance coverage for your business and to receive free truck insurance quotes!

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